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New interdisciplinary series on sound

New interdisciplinary series on sound

Palgrave Studies in Sound is an interdisciplinary series devoted to the topic of sound with each volume framing and focusing on sound as it is conceptualized in a specific context or field.

Lagt online: 20.12.2017

In its broad reach, Studies in Sound aims to illuminate not only the diversity and complexity of our understanding and experience of sound but also the myriad ways in which sound is conceptualized and utilized in diverse domains. The series is edited by Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard, The Obel Professor of Music at Aalborg University, and is curated by members of the university's Music and Sound Knowledge Group (MaSK).

Editorial Board: Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard (series editor), Martin Knakkergaard, Mads Walther-Hansen, Kristine Ringsager
Editorial Committee: Michael Bull, Barry Truax, Trevor Cox, Karen Collins

The series website can be found here.

Four books have been published so far (the first two written by MaSK members):

Justin Christensen: Sound and the Aesthetics of Play: A Musical Ontology of Constructed Emotions

Tom Garner: Echoes of Other Worlds: Sound in Virtual Reality, Past, Present and Future

Seán Street: Sound Poetics: Interaction and Personal Identity

Erik Steinskog: Afrofuturism and Black Sound Studies: Culture, Technology, and Things to Come

Six more books have had contracts issued, will be in print 2018-2019, and have topics as diverse as small sounds, warfare, onomatopoeia, bioacoustics, heritage, and reason.

About the members of the editorial board:

Mark Grimshaw-Aagaard

Martin Knakkergaard

Mads Walther-Hansen

Kristine Ringsager